Community Operations

Managing operations in Seniors’ living takes a high level of expertise and experience in many areas including government regulation, supply procurement, resident care, quality assurance and policy support and development.

These areas need to be effectively managed to ensure all staff from the front lines to leadership are well supported and are clear on how to successfully carry out their roles and responsibilities.

Asura Health provides management and consulting services on full range of community operations and services on an ongoing or as needed basis.

Seniors Living Operations Management

Asura Health can help with the management and operations of your Seniors’ living community, including but not limited to:

Provincial Regulations and Audits

As Seniors’ Living operators, Asura Health has gone through hundreds of external audits, often receiving exemplary results. We possess the experience and the know-how on managing and leading provincial audits along with Continuing Care Health Service Standards and Accommodations Standards.

Asura Health places great emphasis on keeping up to date on healthcare changes and directives, and provincial standards and policies to help keep Senior living communities operating efficiently within mandated guidelines – and can make recommendations as new guidance becomes available.

Community Emergency Preparedness

Senior living communities are required to have updated emergency preparedness policies and plans. Asura Health can help develop these plans that are unique to your community and can also assist in obtaining the required documents to meet government standards.


Asura Health can provide advice on supply procurement, and make connections with reputable industry vendors, as well as provide systems for asset management.